About Pedicases

Authors & Advisors Page

We want to thank and acknowledge the new group of case authors and reviewers for their commitment to this project:

Lisa Albers, MD, MPH
William Barbaresi MD
Julie Bickel MD
Joshua Borus MD MPH
Carolyn Bridgemohan, MD
Traci Brooks, MD
Richard Chung MD
Joanne Cox, MD
Emily Jean Davidson, MD
S. Jean Emans, MD
Jason Fogler Ph.D
Sandra Friedman, MD MPH
Areej Hassan MD MPH
John R. Knight, MD
Atsuko Koyama MD MPH
M. Ranee Leder, MD
Scott Leibowitz MD
Jennifer Louis-Jacques MD MPH
Elizabeth Harstad MD, MPH
Christina A. Nordt MD
Demetra Pappas MD MPH
Alison Schonwald MD
Lydia Shrier MD MPH
Celeste Wilson, MD
Elizabeth Woods, MD, MPH

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